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HotSprings 1837
So you hit the snooze bar ten times every morning. You might be lazy. But then again, you might have a sleep disorder. Find out here.

GeoCities News of the Day - 10/22/96

Introducing GeoPlus!
Use up to 10MB for your site. Earn double GeoPoints. Post live news feeds on your home page. Get a bundle of free software from McAfee Associates. And more. Start today with our pre-launch subscription offer!

Is modern society getting you down?
Come meet Grogg, the Internet's only Neanderthal advice columnist, this week on the GeoCities Mainstage.

A new Microsoft conferencing tool debuts in GeoCities!
SiliconValley hosts a brand new product that allows GeoCitizens to simultaneously chat and share a whiteboard using Microsoft NetMeeting.

Float through GeoWorld with the new Black Sun Netscape Plug-in
Download the plug-in and visit GeoWorld today.

Still haven't signed up for GeoRewards?
Then you're missing out on a chance to win some great prizes. We've just announced September's winners, and October's prize is a great package from Quote.com.

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